Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Charlie Bear is 2 months old!!!

Our little Charlie bear is now 2 months old!  He is such a good baby...so calm and relaxed, the exact opposite of the little crazy toddler who runs the house and goes by the name of "big boy."  :)  At his 2 month doctor appointment, Charlie weighed 13 pounds 11 ounces (90th percentile), was 23 1/2 inches long (75th percentile), and his head measured 16 1/8 inches around (95th percentile).  Charlie also hit two major milestones this month!  He slept through the night for the first time on March 30.  He slept from 10-5.
Charlie smiled for the first time on April 4.  He smiles the most on the changing table right after you change his diaper.  He will lay there and smile and coo at you.  It sure does make changing those poopy diapers a lot easier when you know that you are going to get lots of Charlie smiles afterwards.  :)  Mommy also hit a major milestone this month...I went on my first outing alone with the boys.  Taking both of the boys out by myself was super intimidating to me, but we survived.  I took the boys on a quick Target run, and they did great!  The only downfall was that there was not much room left in the cart to actually shop.  :) Henry is just in love with his little brother.  He asks to hold him all of the time.  He knows to go and get the boppy pillow and put it on his lap before he can hold Charlie.  While he holds Charlie, he always asks me to read books to the two of them.  This is one of my most favorite things to do with my boys.  This teacher momma could not be any prouder of her boys who love to read!  Charlie is loving his swing and makes the cutest face when he cries.  We are all just smitten with our little bear!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail Hoppin Down the Bunny Trail Hippity Hoppity Easter's On Its Way

These are the lyrics to the you tube video Henry has been constantly watching for the past two weeks. It is a home video where the dad has dressed up as the Easter bunny, and he is skipping down the neighborhood street towards his house to hide Easter eggs for the kids. The Peter Cottontail song is playing in the background. Everyday Henry will grab the iPad when we are getting ready for his nap and say Easter bunny. He will watch that same video over and over. Needless to say, that song has been stuck in my head for a while now. :)

The weekend before Easter mom, Katie, and I took the kids to am Easter egg hunt at T.R. Hughes ballpark. I figured it would be crowded, but I had no idea that it would be as crazy as it was. They divided the egg hunt into age groups. Henry and Elle were in the 1-2 group were one parent could help each kid on the hunt. Thank god Katie and I were on the field with them because people were crazy cakes!!!! I was holding Henry's hand and I had planned to head to the back of the field when they said go. I figured Henry, Katie, Elle, and I would find a little area to ourselves where the kids could pick up a few eggs each to put in their baskets.  Boy was I wrong! As soon as they said go, parents grabbed their kids and started running everywhere to get eggs. Henry and I immediately lost Katie and Elle. We were lucky enough to get 4 eggs while we were trying not to get trampled by the other parents. In under a minute every egg had been picked up. As the field started clearing up, we found Katie and Elle and also ran into Andrea and Vivian. We all laughed/ranted about how completely crazy that was and what a waste of time for our poor little kiddos. Katie and I promised our babes that they would get to hunt plenty of Easter eggs on Easter Sunday when the Easter bunny would visit our houses. The only positive side of the Easter egg hunt was that it provided us with a good laugh, and the kids got to see the Easter bunny and Ruffy the Rascal. Henry was so excited to see the  "Easter bunny and the puppy dog" as he called them! He happily stood next to both and got his picture taken. He even ran up to the Easter bunny to give him a hug! He had a good time and that's all that matters!

The day before Easter Nick and I took both the boys to see the Easter bunny!  Henry was so excited! As soon as he woke up in the morning he was ready to go! When I would ask what he was going to tell the Easter bunny that he wanted for Easter he would say "more toys, more eggs, more candy." Then I would ask him what Charlie wanted for Easter, and he would say " more toys." It was so cute. Of course, when we finally sat both boys down on the Easter bunny's lap Henry completely clammed up and wouldn't say a word. :) I made sure that I told the Easter bunny that he wanted more eggs, more candy, and more toys. As soon as I picked Henry up off of his lap and we started to walk away Henry whispered his list of what he wanted for Easter. My sweet boy was not scared at all to sit on his lap, but he just gets really shy once he is put on the spot. He was the same way with Santa. My little Charlie bear just slept through his first visit with the Easter bunny. I wonder how he will be with things like this as he gets older. :) After our visit with the Easter bunny, we walked through Bass Pro. Nick was holding Henry and showing him the boats when I hear Nick yell out "yuck!" Henry had peed through his diaper and all over his jeans and Nick's shirt. I was laughing so hard and told Nick to look on the bright side, at least this happened after we had already gotten the boys' picture with the Easter bunny. ;) Henry got an outfit change, and then we left to grab sandwiches and go to the park. Henry LOVES being at the park and really just being anywhere outside. I swear that boy would never come back in our house if I gave him the option. Our little family of four had a fun little Saturday.

When Henry woke up on Easter morning he immediately ran to his play room to look out the window to see if the Easter bunny had hidden eggs in our backyard. He was so excited when he saw all of the eggs in the yard, on his swing set, and on his " jump jump." We went downstairs and Henry opened all of the presents in his basket and then opened Charlie's for him. Henry's favorite presents were his play-doh trash truck, soccer ball, bubbles, and chalk. My favorite presents of Charlie's were his little bear hat and his new outfits. After Henry opened presents, we went outside where Henry collected all of his Easter eggs in the backyard. We had left a basket of jelly beans in Henry's clubhouse for the Easter bunny to snack on, and Henry was so happy to see that the Easter bunny had eaten them all because the basket was empty on Easter morning. ;) We had so much fun! I don't know who gets more excited for the holidays Henry or me. I was up for probably two hours before Henry got up because I could not wait for him to see his presents and all of the Easter eggs that the Easter bunny had left him.

After out little Easter egg hunt, we all got ready for church. Both of our little boys looked so cute in their Easter outfits! Church was crazy crowded and really hot, but the boys did fairly well sitting though mass. At one point when Charlie was crying during mass and Henry was whining and I could tell Nick was getting impatient, Nick looked at me and said "this is what you always said you wanted...a crazy little family with two little ones." I told him "you are right and I love every minute with our crazy little family. Things might get hectic at times but someday we will look back and miss these crazy Sundays in church." :)  One day I will look back on these memories and wish my boys were little again. I am trying my best to cherish every single moment with my two baby boys.

After church we went to Nick's Aunt Darcy's house for lunch. It was the first time that a lot of his family had met Charlie so everyone wanted a chance to hold him. Henry ran off and was playing with the older cousins and Aunt Lexi. I was able to eat a nice relaxing lunch...it was weird. :) I have gotten so used to eating while holding Charlie or shoveling a few bites in between cutting Henry's food up for him. That is the norm for me now and I love it! I loved seeing Henry play with the older kids...this was the first time that he wanted to run off and play with me without me going with him. My little boy is growing up so fast! :(

After Darcy's house we left to go to mom and dad's house. I was not surprised at all to see Easter eggs hidden on the front porch when we pulled up. Henry was so excited when he saw that the Easter bunny had made a stop at maw maw and paw paw's house. There was a huge set up of Easter baskets and presents on the kitchen table for all three grandkids when we walked in the house. No matter how good I think I am at setting up an Easter or Christmas display of presents for my boys, I will never be able to top momma Rita! She is amazing!! I learned from the best! Henry and Charlie both got lots of clothes thanks to paw paw's internet shopping ;), lots of toys, and tons of candy.  Henry loved his play doh fire truck and new sprinkler. I loved Charlie's baseball pee pee catcher that I can use when I change his diapers and his adorable swim speedos. After we ate dinner Henry and Elle went outside to get all of their Easter eggs and play in the backyard. These two are seriously too cute when they are together! I love how Eleanor calls Henry " Henny."  Our fun filled day ended with Henry and Elle taking a bath side by side in maw maw's kitchen sink. They love doing that! We had such a wonderful Easter! It will definitely be a hard one to top, but I can't wait to try next year!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Charlie's First Month

Wow!  Charlie's first month really flew by.  He is such a good baby and is getting so big!  At his one month appointment, he weighed 11 pounds 8 ounces (90th percentile), he was 22 1/4 inches long (75%), and his head measured 15 1/2 inches around (98%).  The doctor said he looks perfect, and I have to agree.  Everything at home is going great!  I am still on maternity leave until May 12 and trying everyday to talk Nick into letting me be a stay at home mommy.  ;)  Most days Henry, Charlie, and I just hang out at home.  We have kind of settled into a little routine at home, and I am still a little nervous about taking both boys with me to run errands.  Charlie is awake most of the day now.  I love watching him look around, and Henry loves it when he is awake.  Henry will always yell "eyes open!" when Charlie is awake.  Henry will get right up in Charlie's little face and talk baby talk to him.  It is the cutest thing ever...just melts my heart!  Charlie likes taking his baths now.  I think it relaxes him before bedtime.  He is a really good sleeper.  He usually goes to bed around 9 and then gets up around 2:30 and 5:30.  Nick and I each take a night shift and that is working well for us.  With Henry, I remember being so so tired all of the time.  It is not like that this time around and I don't know if it is because Charlie sleeps better, if Nick and I just have a better middle of the night routine this time, or both.  Everyone refers to our Charlie as our little laid back baby.  He is really laid back!  This little babe can sleep through anything...a vacuum, Oscar barking, or our wild little tornado named Henry. ;)  I am just loving life right now being at home with my boys!  I could not be more blessed!