Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Charlie Bear is 2 months old!!!

Our little Charlie bear is now 2 months old!  He is such a good baby...so calm and relaxed, the exact opposite of the little crazy toddler who runs the house and goes by the name of "big boy."  :)  At his 2 month doctor appointment, Charlie weighed 13 pounds 11 ounces (90th percentile), was 23 1/2 inches long (75th percentile), and his head measured 16 1/8 inches around (95th percentile).  Charlie also hit two major milestones this month!  He slept through the night for the first time on March 30.  He slept from 10-5.
Charlie smiled for the first time on April 4.  He smiles the most on the changing table right after you change his diaper.  He will lay there and smile and coo at you.  It sure does make changing those poopy diapers a lot easier when you know that you are going to get lots of Charlie smiles afterwards.  :)  Mommy also hit a major milestone this month...I went on my first outing alone with the boys.  Taking both of the boys out by myself was super intimidating to me, but we survived.  I took the boys on a quick Target run, and they did great!  The only downfall was that there was not much room left in the cart to actually shop.  :) Henry is just in love with his little brother.  He asks to hold him all of the time.  He knows to go and get the boppy pillow and put it on his lap before he can hold Charlie.  While he holds Charlie, he always asks me to read books to the two of them.  This is one of my most favorite things to do with my boys.  This teacher momma could not be any prouder of her boys who love to read!  Charlie is loving his swing and makes the cutest face when he cries.  We are all just smitten with our little bear!

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